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  • What is permanent makeup?
    Permanent makeup is a type of cosmetic tattooing that helps to recreate your favourite makeup looks in a semi-permanent manner. PMU is an innovative cosmetic treatment that involves implanting natural pigments into the dermal layer of the skin through various methods. Usually PMU is used to enhance or correct certain features that alternatively would be done with regular makeup products. When performed by a trained artist, PMU can enhance lips, eyebrows, eyes, areolas, the scalp and even scars.
  • How permanent is permanent make up?
    Permanent refers to something being stable without significant change. This technically means a permanent makeup procedure would be something everlasting. However, the longevity of the procedure can vary from person to person depending on many factors. These factors include aftercare, lifestyle, overall health, level of activity, exposure to the environment and the type of pigment used.
  • Who is permanent makeup for?
    A good candidate is someone who does their makeup everyday and wants a more convenient and less time consuming method to getting ready. However, the following requirements must be followed or healed results of this procedure may be unsuccessful. In some instances, a physician's note may be required to perform any of these procedures.
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